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Welcome to Sunshine Psychosomatics - where wellness begins with the mind-body connection. 

What is Psychosomatic Therapy I hear you ask?


Lets begin with the meaning: Psychosomatic can be defined as a physical illness caused or aggravated by a mental factor/state or stress.


Psychosomatic Therapy is based on the bilateral relationship between the mind (psyche) and body (soma) to prevent and manage dis-ease, using a 4 stage system, with foundations in ancient medicine and Eastern philosophies, that have since been verified by developments in Quantum Physics.

The mind - body connection is real, strong and intrinsic to full recovery from trauma - whether physical, emotional or psychological in nature.

The Body

Thanks to Einstein we know that absolutely everything is made of energy. Our bodies are made of over 70 trillion vibrating particles of energy, a collection of which form cells. Cells are extremely complex, with consciousness that is completely independent of the brain. Just like our brain, they retain details and store the emotional data of stressful and traumatic events. This has been termed cellular memory.

Emotions are energy too (E)nergy in (motion). With a simple function to bring our awareness to issues or situations requiring our immediate attention. Acknowledge how we feel, express our feelings safely, take appropriate action and they move straight out of us. It's the resistance that locks them in, creating tension and setting off our inflammation responses - the root cause of disease.

Lifestyle Consultations (stage *1) encourage a sharing of your story, clearing of the associated negative thought patterns and core-beliefs and a customised path to wellness is co-created, using your body as our guide. To book please follow the link and request a traditional Lifestyle Consultation or if you are currently experiencing dis-ease choose our Health Consultation for a holistic approach to Well Being.

Emotional Release Therapy (stage *4) is this the Body-Work component of Psychosomatic Therapy. Designed to trigger stored cellular memory by applying firm pressure to the Acupressure points (our storage centres for pain) and providing an opportunity for emotional release/expression. To book please follow the link

The Mind

Our minds are conscious computers that run on programs. Just like computers these programs require updating, rebooting and even deleting at times. Without upgrades there can be very little growth, change and expansion. 

There is a common misconception that the brain is our mind. The mind might connect through there but the brain is an organ and like any other organ can have faults. One fault is the brains inability to differentiate between an event that is occurring in present-time and one we are thinking about from the past. The same chemicals will be secreted, emotions triggered, flight, fight or freeze responses activated. Sometimes we can get stuck here and start reaching for unhealthy, temporary escapes and quick fixes, in an attempt to self-medicate.

A fun little experiment for the mind is to sit in a quiet, darkened room - close your eyes, take some slow, deep breaths and focus all of your attention on your thoughts. A space will open, distancing you from your thoughts, giving you an opportunity to observe your thoughts. Really listen to these thoughts. You may hear some that you associate with being you, some that you don't, some that are exact recordings of things you've heard before and in the background there will be a running commentary, doubting what your doing. This is your ego/mind. You will come to recognise the difference between your mind and your soul (inner voice) by this inclination towards negative thinking. 

I invite you investigate your thoughts. How many are relative to your life now? Which ones serve, support and uplift you? Which ones bring you down and need to go? Do you notice certain emotions are sitting beneath repetitive thoughts? What comes first, the thought or the emotion?

How is it that you can be aware of these thoughts, listen to them but not actively be thinking them? Who is doing the observing?

Our minds are capable of such greatness. Our thoughts carry tremendous power. Repeat thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create our reality, which are then reflected by the body. All that stands in the way is our ego, its protective, fear based nature and ability to keep us living in our mind - disconnected from our heart (love based) and body.  

Mind-Body Mapping (stage *2) highlights the impact our life experiences, accompanying thoughts and negative core-beliefs have had on our bodies current shape, state and health. How we hold our body indicates the level of stress and trauma we are carrying within us and our life attitudes are reflected in our postural alignment. A misaligned spine not only effects our nervous system and organ function but also inhibits our connection to vital life force energy. 

Mind Mapping (stage *3) addresses the mental/emotional aspect of traumatic events and the accompanying thought patterns, blockages, limitations, fears and phobias created as a result of the original event. To book please follow the link and request traditional Mind Mapping.


We are not our bodies, we are not our minds - though we are blessed to experience life through both. There is a higher-level consciousness that drives our vibrating form of atoms. This higher consciousness is the observer and the observer also has a voice. It may be soft and subtle but it is there none the less. Our inner voice holds all the answers and is always aligned with love. The more we disentangle our identity from the mind, the louder our inner voice becomes. How different life would look if we followed this voice instead of our minds!?

Re-connection with our soul-self brings ease, flow, a deeper understanding of life's challenges and meaning. Allowing us to see the bigger picture and take back our power - ultimately freeing us from the emotional reacting merry-go-round and re-aligning us with our higher-purpose.

*Whilst the suggested 4 stages created the most profound shifts within that enabled me to implement the correction techniques and dietary changes into my everyday life, there is no prerequisite. If you feel drawn to one option but not the others then that is fine too. I encourage you to be guided by your intuition and to follow your inner voice.

My qualification's include Dip Herbology, Psychosomatic Therapy, Metameric Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Kinesiology 101, Flower Essence Coaching, Pranagym, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, AromaTouch, Access Bars, Crystal & Sound Healing and Reiki Master. 


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Heal, Realign, Shine! 

Self-love, acceptance, empowerment & connection,  is calling.



"I visited Anaya for a session as I was feeling very unwell and down but I didn't know why. The time she spent with me was so productive, releasing tension, stress and stored emotions and I found it such an amazing, healing experience!  I learned so much about my body, even my posture with the mini Body-Mind Analysis and many tips for its improvement from Anaya, whose calm, empathic and professional manner made it one of the best therapy experiences of my life. I highly recommend Anaya to anyone looking to heal themselves in body, mind and spirit" Linda M  

"Anaya has an extraordinary ability to release ones stored challenges of day to day living through Psychosomatic Therapy and what she does is a direct result of my ability now, to focus and have clarity of mind. I have moved into a more relaxed mind-set after feeling and releasing stored tension and anxiety after a treatment with Anaya. I recommend Anaya and the amazing benefits of Psychosomatic Therapy which she delivers professionally and soulfully.

Yours truly" Carol M Linhart  

"Thank you Anaya! Your natural intuitive healing ability combined with the depth of Psychosomatic Therapy gave me so much freedom. I learnt more about how the body holds and releases trauma in one session with you then in numerous therapies over the past 40 years! I feel so much lighter now!"

M. A Reed

"Thank you Anaya, for such a profound healing experience in flow and release that you delivered in such a trusting and loving way. Your Emotional Release Treatments and Body-Mind Analysis have allowed me to let go of old patterns and make changes that are freeing and deeply cleansing" Dani C   

“Anaya is amazing! Through Psychosomatics she was able to help me breathe through my pain and deeply release emotions stored since I was 3 years old. 

Anaya helped me to stay present and supported me as I finally let go” 

Ang McPherson





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